Grandpa Al ~ Short Fiction

Grandpa Al radioed coordinates during the Korean War. He was quiet, loved his Yankees, and sipped O’Doul’s in the summertime. He had a fake leg and owned a ukulele, too – A sweet, beautiful instrument boxed up in his basement. I can see him now. He’s smiling. Sipping. Strumming and plucking. “Grandpa Al” was originally…

The Woeful Farmer ~ Short Fiction

When the lightning danced across the sky and the deep thrum of thunder carried out across the plains for the fifth night in a row, he knew the end had come. Torrents of rain and softball-sized hail pounded all around him, devastating his crops, ripping through them like swinging scythes. *** Thanks for reading! Please…

Phantoms ~ Creative Nonfiction

“Phantoms” appeared on January 3, 2022, in Five Minutes. Click here to see the original publication. It was well past witching hour. We huddled together, silent, as we tiptoed past tombstones and stumbled over crumbling stone walls, the moon our lone guiding light. When ghosts appeared, we bolted back toward base, trying to avoid their ghastly…

Purgatory ~ Short Fiction

Purgatory was different for everyone. When John entered, he was thrust back into his old world, forced to live out his new life firmly rooted in the ground. See — John became a tree. As he aged, he understood tranquility. He became home to animals and insects alike. He still stands. *** Thanks for reading! If…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Justin. Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m a teacher and writer who lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York. On this page you’ll find updates regarding my novels, original microfiction, and other writing-related projects.


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