Title: After the Moon

Genre: Science Fiction

Target Audience: Upper Middle Grade

Status: Editing

The moon self-destructs on a Friday night in August, and millions of its fragments pelt Earth. One crashes into the field near twelve-year-old Cole Murphy’s home in upstate New York. After bunkering down for the weekend, Cole and his father set out to find the boy’s older brother, Leo, and to explore the state of the world.

Title: A School Story

Genre: Fiction

Target Audience: Upper Middle Grade

Status: Drafting (75% complete)

Due to his learning disability, school has never been easy for Clinton McConnell. When his family decides to move the summer of his seventh grade year, he is forced to be the notorious “new kid.”

By Christmas break, Clinton befriends the outcast boy who sits behind him in class — Danny McDougall. Danny, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, possesses his fair share of issues, too.

Alone, the boys struggle with their individual challenges. Together, they discover an unlikely friendship that allows them to triumph over life’s obstacles.

Title: The Gold Rush

Genre: Fantasy

Status: Drafting (50% complete)

Explorers have discovered a land far to the west across the sea. Vague reports and rumors have indicated that there is gold in abundance, but peril afoot: warring natives, sporadic weather, and disease.

Cade Blackbourne, a self-proclaimed adventurer, is after the gold. So are plenty of others: Gerrick O’Sullivan, an old, impoverished fisherman; Valencia of the Northland, a Revivalist who heals using powers of the earth; Will Grayson, a battle-hardened military strategist.

Cade’s path to claiming his stake is uncanny, to say the least. He has signed on under the name of Lord Everly of Gray Harbor, a snowy, coastal city far to the northwest. Prior to his departure, Cade runs into heaps of trouble, jeopardizing his adventure and nearly costing him his ticket across the sea.

When Cade and his companions arrive in the new world, it’s nothing like they thought it would be.