Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m a little late getting around to posting this, but I wanted to share another publication update. The Daily Drunk Magazine published my hybrid flash fiction story “New Attendance Codes” on Christmas Eve. I was excited to add this to my list of publications for 2020.

I wrote “New Attendance Codes” in an attempt to capture the pure absurdity of this school year. Schools and families are doing the best they can – I mean that earnestly – but this year has been unlike anything we have ever faced before. Each day poses a new challenge, and the challenges are far from what we used to typically experience.

Writing this story was simply one teacher’s way of having a laugh to help find his way through an obscure time.

I hope you enjoy it!

– Justin

4 thoughts on ““New Attendance Codes” has been published by The Daily Drunk Magazine

  1. Justin This is hysterical and so true!!! You have to share it with Jim! I tried to “like” it, but it sent me to some site where I have to sign in and leave my name, so I didn’t. I will write a longer email soon. I actually started one this morning and saved it, so I will finish it either today or tomorrow and send  it off. Love, Andrea

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    1. Haha, thanks Andrea! Glad you enjoyed the story. Good idea, I’ll have to send it over to Jim at some point. I figured other teachers would relate and understand exactly where I was coming from! If you guys go back in-person I hope everyone stays safe. As far as I know, we’re back in person tomorrow, but things could change on a dime. Hope all is well!


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